MSI Manufacturing, LLC was founded and run by people with many years of product design and manufacturing experience, in both US and China.

Located in Eugene Oregon, MSI Manufacturing, LLC has an established network of offices, manufacturing facilities, and partners throughout China. MSI is well positioned to provide clients with the widest range and greatest value of manufacturing and sourcing services that China can offer. To provide the best service to our customers, MSI constantly works on fully utilizing the many resources available in China. These resources include engineering services and support at our own offices in China, localizing materials supply and production which can include modifying designs with our customer's consent.

MSI Manufacturing, LLC serves both small and medium-sized US business. Recent projects include high volume engineered plastic parts used in household tools and one of the high precision specialty plastic parts used in latest Airbus planes. MSI also manufactured a plastic instrument panel specifically for the International Space Station!

Here's what our clients say about us:

"We are impressed by how responsive and thorough your company seems to be in all respects. We have had several meetings here to discuss progress with our outsourcing efforts, and your company is far and away the most satisfactory so far. We are anxious to see the sample and hopefully proceed with our order."
"We appreciate all of your efforts and hold you in high esteem as a sub-contractor."
" ...Truly excellent workmanship. We now know for sure that we have found a great supplier!"

From one of our field offices:

"I never thought I would hear this statement from a customer, but his very words were 'You have exceeded our expectations'. They are VERY HAPPY with the design, and with the way it functions and with the colors! He said he doesn't know how it could have been any better!"

From an independent industrial designer in the US who has worked with us:

" ...this is the most sophisticated project I have done in years. And, you are my only source and quite frankly the only one I trust to make this happen."

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